French Martini Colby Emerson

The first taste of this French Martini reminded me of my mother’s strawberry, rhubarb upside down cake. YES, it was that convincing. Keith and I had the most wonderful ‘encounter’ with Colby Emerson at Josephine’s in Flagstaff last Sunday evening. He is the ‘head boy’ and we enjoyed his company and his expertise immensely. So much so, that I asked if he’d like to come down and be on the show in 2 days time! Well, you know by now what is answer was to that question! New Friends…..YAY!!!!

French Martini

2 oz. Absolute Vanilla Vodka
3/4 oz. Chamborgue Raspberry Liqeur
Pineapple Juice to taste
Serve up, shaken vigorously.
Garnish Options: Lemon Twist, Pineapple Slice, Raspberries, Nothin’