I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “Life’s a trip. Pack accordingly!” Metaphors aside, I’m literally packing up and taking a permanent trip…Flagstaff beckons!

Damn, I’m gonna’ miss that microphone! Bittersweet is far from my favorite taste combination and with that being said, ‘into the Soup’ on KWSS 93.9 will air its’ last show on Saturday, December 3rd. Every minute behind the mic has been a joy! To have been afforded the opportunity to spend time with the eclectic, intelligent and supremely inspiring guests we’ve had on the show has been a dream and a fricking hoot!! We shared a few Weekly Whets, some snacks and some Soup, and our passionate pursuits in this amazing sand box called culinary.

My life has been nothing but interesting and I intend to keep it that way. In fact, I don’t think I can help it! Boring is not a word that takes up much space in my vocabulary. It’s been a wild ride and I will continue to seek new adventures and knowledge. I will strive to give back to my community in any way I can alongside a man who has stolen my heart and shown me that love and a new life are possible! I’m so very happy!

Heartfelt thanks to the team at KWSS 93.9 for their overwhelming support and confidence in what we do! Frank Magarelli and Dani Cutler ~ you are da’ bomb! We will truly miss being a part of this independent radio family! To my daughter, Samantha, who encouraged me to get back into radio because, “Mom, you just love it so much!” To all my friends and colleagues who shared in the joy and opened their doors, their hearts and let us in! To our 12 listeners….thanks so much!!! (That’s an old joke!)

Finally, to my beautiful Rockin’ Radio Redhead, Emily King! My job was easy, I just looked to her for the greenlight and started talking! She put it all together to make it sound unmistakably, into the Soup!!

I’ll still be popping down to the Valley of the Sun to lend my hand to C-CAP! So, just in case Emily can squeeze me in, we may be putting a few podcasts together….never say never! Never stop dreaming, never give up! Take care of each other, take care of yourself! This is Heidi Lee…peace out!