Remember this picture from last year? I sure do. All of you wishing me well, cheers to me, “The New Year”! How soon we forget.

So much of what I’ve been seeing and hearing out there is how I let you down; how totally shitty I was and that you are more than excited to boot my butt outta here and hand over the baton to my successor, 2017! What the hell, people? Just 12 short months ago, you held me in the same hopeful esteem of ’17; I was ecstatic to start my reign with your new hopes, new dreams, new starts….all because of the last tick of the clock. A New Year! 8760 minutes later, I’m exhausted!

Yea, I know there was a lot of nasty stuff that went down the past 52 weeks and it wasn’t pretty. The continuation of war around the globe devastates; poverty, famine and horrific atrocities against both man and beast baffle the mind. Blind eyes turned, and cheeks did not move. New spite grew and old hate reared its’ ugly head. Much has been lost: loved ones, friends, and allies. For some, the deepest loss of all…..was hope.

But think for a moment of the wonder which occurred within the last 365 day tour around the sun. Love was discovered, babies were born and grateful parents were made! Old friends were found, new ones unearthed. The art of discovery is alive and well, people took stands and won. Good deeds were done. The intense desire to be grateful is making a comeback….I believe this to be true. The ability to receive with grace and thankfulness is within your reach every day!

Our beautiful planet will continue to skirt around the sun, the clock will continue to tick and the years will come and go. But it’s not about the centuries, the years, the months or the hours. It’s about each and every minute you strive to be your best human! Spend time with those you love, be loyal, give back and not only embrace hope, but share it with those who need it most!

In closing, try not to put too much pressure on my BFF, 2017, she’s a gentle soul. I’ll be watching for the next month or so as you curse my name when you sign anything with ‘2016’. HAHAHA!!! Karma’s a bitch. Just kidding. I love you all and hope that this New Year brings you great joy, love, laughter and peace.

Take care of each other. Take care of yourself.