Hey boys and girls!

First of all, my apologies for being completely absent for the last 10 months. A few things occurred which took my time and attention away from all of you. Some good, some great, some shit! But hey, let’s focus on the good and great…that’s more fun anyway!

So, I moved from Phoenix to Flagstaff last December and for the next 4 months I cuddled up by the fire, read some good books, rested, regenerated and fell in love with our little cabin in the woods. Keith (Flagstaff as you might remember him) and I got ‘married’ on October 8th. We decided not to let Big Brother in on the secret, but we exchanged rings and vows and roasted a pig in our honor!!

Two days later we loaded up the belongings of our little cabin in the woods and headed North and West to Wallace, ID. “What the hell is in Wallace, ID?”, you might ask. Well, we bought 1313 Club Historic Saloon & Grill…that’s what’s in Wallace! Not to mention a super group of people who have welcomed us with open arms and mucho support. It’s so fricking cool you guys!!

Anyhoo…I’ll start posting again soon through our soon to be new website and would like to invite you all to join us there. Let’s start with Facebook https://www.facebook.com/1313Club/. If you could give us a like, that would be awesome.

Hope to see you all there and thanks so much for your support. I (still) LOVE MY JOB!

Peace Out,