It was the beginning of August and I was done with the oppressive Phoenix heat. You see, I’m an outdoors kind of gal, but I’m not a moron about it. I don’t want my first helicopter flight to be the result of a mid-afternoon hike in 113 degree-heat. I was feeling hopeless and bored…until I got a happy text from Heidi letting me know that our agenda for the day would include a field-trip to iPic Theaters in the Scottsdale Quarter. A cool, dark theater, with gourmet snacks and cocktails? Yes, please!

We arrived at iPic a good half-hour before our movie, Cowboys and Aliens, was to begin. As is our established routine, we headed straight to Salt Bar where we met CW, the bartender on duty. He was a total charmer and mixed up some yummy cocktails for us, one of which was El Corazon. That day, the entire staff at iPic Theater worked their way into our “corazones” (hearts) as they pulled out all the stops and gave us a great cinematic experience. The best part? That’s how they treat everyone who walks through the doors. Now THAT’S hospitality.


1.75 oz Chinaco Silver

0.5 oz Passion fruit    

0.5 oz Pomegranate  

0.5 oz Blood Orange  

0.5 oz Lime               

Kosher Salt (for the rim of the glass)

Tellicherry (ground pepper for the rim of the glass)

Smoky Mezcal


Shake together Chinaco Silver, passion fruit, pomegranate, blood orange, lime. Rim a martini glass with tellicherry and kosher salt. Pour contents of cocktail shaker into rimmed glass.

To finish, either add a lime-slice that has been soaked in the smoky Mezcal, or float a bit of Mezcal on top of the drink with a squeeze of lime.


Click here for iPic locations and ticket information. You can find theaters across the U.S.!