Well, how appropriate (and segwayish) is this drink on this day!! The epic rivalry in the State of Washington is set to begin shortly….THE APPLE CUP! WSU Cougars (my almamater) and UW Huskies…ewww!!! Jeremy Pacheco brought this taste sensation to the table and Emily and I downed ours in seconds. Perfect concoction for the Holidays. If Uncle Bob happened to late night gorge on all the leftover apple pie, just let it go and make one of these instead!

Apple Pie ~ The Cocktail

½ oz fresh lemon juice
1.5oz Caskwerks Distilling Apple Pie Liquor
½ oz Bourbon
½ oz Cinnamon syrup
2 dashes AZ Bitters Lab’s Figgy Pudding Bitters
Shake/strain into a martini glass
Grate cinnamon on top for garnish