by Kami Pastis

Spring is a season of renewal and growth, not only for the Earth, but for the mind and body as well. The following are some tips that may help you kick-start the cleanse and find your natural balance.

1.     Mono meals. This means you stick to all one food for a snack or meal like a whole serving of strawberries rather than strawberries and pineapple and grapes and nuts and cheese. Mono meals are very easily digestible which frees up extra energy for other endeavors like a bike ride or flying a kite or repairing cellular damage. The bottom line is “Mono Meals” are just easier for your body to deal with and who doesn’t want an easy button?

2.     Proper Digestion. Allow your body to fully digest one meal before cramming down your next nosh. Waiting 3-4 hours usually does it between meals, but use your own body wisdom to tune into how your digestive process is moving along.

3.     Water!!! This is the old standby health tip. Yes, it’s that important; especially if you want to cleanse the body and help every system work more efficiently. To figure out the minimum amount you should be consuming daily, figure half your body weight (in lbs) and drink that many ounces (Example: A 150-lb person requires at least 75 ounces of water per day). If you are doing yard work or working out, that number increases exponentially.

4.     Breathe.  It’s not food in the culinary sense, but breath is just as essential as food and water for cleansing and renewing the body. The springtime air is sweet and fragrant; it’s easy to enjoy this tip. The lungs are your 2nd largest detox organ next only to your skin, so use them to release stagnant energy and old carbon dioxide. A great benefit to regularly utilizing slow, deep breathing is that the mind follows the breath.

5.     Seasonal Foods. (AZ style) Asparagus, strawberries, citrus, artichokes, arugula, celery root, broccoli & broccoli rabe, garlic, bok choy, clementines, etc. These are the foods locally available during spring. They are packed with nutrients, and it is always a good idea to eat with the seasons to help your body go with the flow of nature.

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About Kami

Kamara Pastis is a certified personal trainer, life style educator, group fitness instructor and licensed massage therapist in the Phoenix area. Clinical, therapeutic massage has been her mainstay for seven years where she has experienced the lasting therapeutic changes massage can make in cases with debilitating pain and disfunction. The traditional Thai and Yogi tradition of metta (literally “loving kindness”) is Kami’s healing philosophy. When not healing her patients, Kami is more than blissfully occupied with her husband and three kids.

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