Kami Pastis is a certified personal trainer, life style educator, group fitness instructor and registered chiropractic assistant in the Phoenix area. From time to time, she enjoys sharing tips with you on eating well for life.



  1. The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan is a superb book if you really want to know where (and where not) to source the best food in the country. I’m almost finished with the book and have been enlightened and encouraged to make new food source choices based on my awareness. More home grown veggies & fruits is # 1 on my list as well as supporting my local farmer through CSA (community sponsored agriculture).
  2. The heat is coming so be prepared to drink up on non-caffeinated & non-alcoholic beverages to keep your body working optimally. Herbal iced tea, water with lemon & cucumber (or any fruits) are nice ways to up your hydration.
  3. Eating foods that are mostly water is another way to keep hydrated without having to chug water all day long. Think bell peppers, apples, grapes, watermelon, cucumbers, celery, etc.
  4. Speaking of celery… it has an organic form of sodium that helps your body to adapt to the heat easily. Enjoy it with peanut butter, alone or juice it with some other “juicies” like cucumber and apple for a enzyme rich, deeply hydrating cocktail.
  5. Half your body weight in ounces is the minimum amount of water per day you require. If you spend time outdoors or working out and sweating, your needs increase. Drink accordingly. Also, for every cup of a caffeinated or alcoholic beverage ingested you need 2 cups of water to compensate for their dehydrating effect.

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About Kami

Kamara Pastis is a certified personal trainer, life style educator, group fitness instructor and licensed massage therapist in the Phoenix area. Clinical, therapeutic massage has been her mainstay for seven years where she has experienced the lasting therapeutic changes massage can make in cases with debilitating pain and disfunction. The traditional Thai and Yogi tradition of metta (literally “loving kindness”) is Kami’s healing philosophy. When not healing her patients, Kami is more than blissfully occupied with her husband and three kids.

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