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ITS Radio ~ Andrew Gooi, Michelle Jacoby, Rick Phillips & Christina Barruetta

andrew and crew

We had such a good time! Favorite part of what I do….meeting people and the more favorite part is when we connect and create something special. With that being said, it was lovely to meet you!

ITS Radio ~ Flavour with Bryne Donaldson and Lawrence Ross


Such a great show!!! Yea, these guys are musicians (not food and beverage) but they are LOCAL and that’s what we’re all about. But with a name like “Flavour” and the tasty names for some of their songs, we just couldn’t pass them up. Not to mention, they are an amazing talent!!

ITS Radio ~ Stephen Jones and Jacob Cutino

Stephen Jacob Best

This is a wonderfully, whacky, yet wise show. Couldn’t be happier!! Oh..the last 15 seconds or so was added in especially for Jacob! HEE HEE!!!!

ITS Radio ~ Jennifer Russo Market Restaurant & Bar…so they say!

jennifer russo

This was the hens’ party to end all hens’ parties! Christina and I are headed to NAPA and all other places unknown with our new BFF’s. This is one of the best parts of what I do…meeting lovely, smart and grateful people who get it!

Mash Ups and New Friends

mel 6

Sundays by the pool and on the patio at Four Seasons in Scottsdale! What a wonderful show with some seriously wonderful people! Chefs Mel Mecinas, Rochelle Daniel and Lance Whipple. Doesn’t get much better than this.

mel 3

mel 2

mel 1mel 1

ITS Radio ~ Chef Frank Caputo and Louis Shaban

Frank Caputo Louis Shaban

Great show with these awesome folks! Chef Frank Caputo, Louis Shaban, and the ladies from Artisan Food Guild! Tracy and…how do you spell your name? Myriah??? HaHa!!

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