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ITS Radio ~ Female Food Porn PJ Party!!

femme fatale

This was so mucho funno! I don’t know how to say it in Hawain. So, there you go! Listen in to the ladies who lunch…and all that other stuff! Friends, food, pajamas and Tiki Drinks! YAY!!

ITS Radio ~ Chef Rebecca Tillman and FnB artist Patrick Wilson

pointe hilton group 2

Uber cred to Emily King for showing up with a pinched nerve in her shoulder ~ what a trooper! We tried not to make her laugh, but hey, it’s what we do! Many thanks to Becky Tillman for hosting with yummy snacks and Patrick Wilson for bring his mix!!

ITS Radio ~ Jennifer Caraway of Joy Bus Diner and Colby Emerson of Josephine’s

JOy BUs 3

I’m definitely thinking that “Joy” was in the diner with us for this one! It’s sometimes difficult to hear over the laughter. Lots of love at that table….and a few wry jokes thrown in, because we can!!!

Joy Bus 1

Joy Bus 2

ITS Radio ~ Chef Tracy Dempsey and AZ Bitters Lab

Dempsey 4

What a wonderful show and with such gracious, inspiring people! This is what it’s all about, kids!!

Dempsey 1

Dempsey 3Dempsey 2Dempsey Header

ITS Radio ~ An Evening with Joshua Hebert!

Joshua Heidi

joshua em heidi

sammie josh heidi em

What a wonderful time we had with this truly lovely man! We met on radio nearly 9 years ago and have been good friends and colleagues ever since! You’re a star and thank you so much for your friendship. OKAY, enough of that blathering shit…let’s listen to the show!!!

ITS Radio ~ Chef Brian Archibald and Lauren Malia Saria

archibald saria

What a fun show! Didn’t suck that we got to plop ourselves down at The Spa at The Boulders for 2 hours…eating some seriously healthy, amazing fare; imbibing Blueberry Bombshells and making new friends! Enjoy.

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