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ITS Radio ~ Lon’s at the Hermosa! Jeremy, Christina and Debby!!!!



As it turns out, THIS is our last show on KWSS 93.9….but not necessarily the last of us. One never knows! Grab something warm and toasty and listen in for awhile. Couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day with these lovely people. I LOVE MY JOB!!!!

ITS Radio ~ James Beard Foundation Taste America Chefs!


We had a wonderful time seeing old friends and new and sharing what we do! Chefs Christopher Gross, Kelly Fletcher, Gabe Bertaccini and Robyn Lee, who brought us all together for this amazing event!!

ITS Radio ~ Chefs Jeff Kraus, Adam Allison and Diana Red of AZFoodies

krauss team

What an awesome group of humans! This is the favorite part of what we do. Walk into a joint knowing just one person and walking away with 4 new friends. Wow! Just Wow!! @Jeff Kraus ~ You are an absolute doll and thanks so much for all the love. Can’t wait to play in the kitchen with you, my friend. What? What?

ITS Radio ~ The Roca Brothers!!

Roca bros dinner Scottsdale low res Debby Wolvos (140 of 142)

What a thrill!! into the Soup got the exclusive radio scoop with these charming brothers, all the way from Girona, Spain. The translation made things a bit more challenging, but it’s a beautiful show…color me happy!!

ITS Radio ~ Chef Dushyant Singh of The Camby

dushyant singh

I met Dushyant a few days before we recorded with him at Artizen at The Camby! I don’t usually pre-meet my guests, but I’m so glad I did! We became instant friends and were doing some serious LMAO’ing at the bar! He is insightful, intelligent, hilarious and so engaging. Too bad he isn’t very attractive….NOT!!! Me, Emily and D were doubling over with laughter on this show! Enjoy…I LOVE MY JOB!!

ITS Radio ~ Heidi and Emily…Emily grills Heidi

Heidi and Emily

This was taken on another location, but this is the epitome and me and my Emily! She’s one of the most amazing persons I’ve ever known and she brings out the best, and the best, in me. After all, she was named after the Emily on the Bob Newhart show, Suzanne Pleshette! Pretty damned hard to beat.

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