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Weekly Whets ~ Fat Olives Red-Tini and Basil Lemondrop Martini

Red Tini and Lemon Drop Basil

We got some double fisted action from Fat Olives! Two? Two Martinis? Color me happy…or red,or yellow. Many thanks to Ryan Redmond for sharing these with us and the ever engaging Chef John Conley for hosting. I LOVE MY JOB!!

2.5oz Sobieski Vodka
.5oz house-made Limoncello
Half a lemon squeezed
Basil chiffonade
.25oz simple syrup
Shaken and served with a sugar rim and lemon wedge in a chilled martini glass.

2oz Sobieski Vodka
.75oz Vanilla syrup
.50oz Rasberry syrup
Half a lemon squeezed
1oz Hahn Rohn Blend floated on top
Garnished with a lemon wedge and a cherry

Weekly Whet Your Whistle ~ Missionary Downfall

missionary 2

How in the heck do you think Ross Simon of Bitter and Twisted would know that this drink would get me thinkin? Maybe he’s listened to a few shows or did a background check on me! Seriously…how many places can you go with a cocktail called “Missionary Downfall”?

I’d never heard of this one and apparently I’ve been missing out since like, 1940! Although this concoction was not created by the ever creative Ross Simon, I’m quite certain he put his own spin on this little beauty! Zachery O’Haire fills us in the history and mystery of this drink in the first segment of our show (which airs tomorrow). So, listen in, get clued up…but please don’t background check me. My credit score is dropping!

1 1/2 oz Banks Rum
1/2 oz Creme de Peche
6 mint leaves
1/2 oz cane syrup
1 oz lime juice
2 oz pineapple juice


Weekly Whet ~ Cuff Restaurant Copper Cup


A fresh take on one of America’s most trendy cocktails, CUFF house infuses their vodka with dried figs and adds Aperol to the classic Moscow Mule. Hint: For a true Moscow Mule build in a Copper mug filled with ice.

1.5 oz of Tito’s Vodka (house infused with fig)

.5 oz of fresh squeezed lime juice (approximately half a lime)

.5 oz of Aperol

4 oz Cock and Bull Ginger Beer

Gently shake to mix.

Garnish with a lime wheel and basil.

Weekly Whet ~ Ernesto’s Margarita…with a Twist!

CB Margarita

Ernesto’s Margarita

For this crowd-pleasing pitcher of frozen margaritas, Ernesto Barrueta adds a secret ingredient – Looza banana nectar (check at Mexican or Asian markets and Whole Food’s). Even professed banana-haters become converts as this adds an elusive yet unique flavor.

12 oz of blanco tequila
4.5 oz of fresh lime juice
8 oz of Looza Banana Nectar
3 oz of simple syrup, or more to taste

Blend with ice to desired thickness.

Weekly Whet ~ The Flapper

Horton Chew Pac

How the heck did that picture get in here? Oh yea, Rick Phillips of Bootleggers sent this to me. Chew-Pac belongs to none other than Jason Horton of The Rooster (coming to Shea Plaza in a few months). I’m thinkin’ he looks like a Rap Flapper! Anywho….

Many thanks to Kiki, the ‘mazing mixologist at Bootleggers, who hooked us up with lots of cocktails, including The Flapper. Served in a champagne glass and made with the following:

Bootleggers Strawberry Infused Moonshine
Orgeat Syrup
Lemon Juice
and topped with a bit o’ the bubbly

All this equals Happy Heidi!! I wanna go for a ride in this…Horton Low Rider

and take along a few road pop Flappers!

Weekly Whet Your Whistle ~ The Mike Tai

We sat down with Wiley Arnett of Rehab Burger Therapy and his bartender whipped up a concoction that sent me straight back to D’ Islands, Mon! My shoulders dropped away from my ears, and all was well with the world! The above pic was just sooooo much better than the shot I took of my cocktail. I’m still working on obtatining the recipe, but I can tell you what I tasted: Vodka, Coconut, Pineapple and some sort of sweet liqeur. May I suggest you pop down to RTB and ask for Mike’s Tai!!

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