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Yorkshire Pudding

British roast beef wouldn’t be complete without Yorkshire pudding, which is like a cross between a popover and a soufflé and not at all like a pudding.  It’s made with a batter of eggs, milk and flour, baked in beef drippings until puffy, crisp, and golden  brown.  It may be prepared in a shallow baking dish, muffin tins or other small containers, or in the same pan as the roast.  This specialty takes its name from England’s northern county of Yorkshire.

Sous vide [soo VEED]

French for “under vacuum,” sous vide is a food-packaging technique pioneered in Europe whereby fresh ingredients are combined into various dishes, vacuum-packed in individual-portion pouches, cooked under a vacuum, then chilled.  Sous vide food is used most often by hotels, restaurants and caterers.  These pouches have become increasingly available in supermarkets.   Watch out for high preservatives in grocery store products.  They are meant to last a shelf life akin to Superman.


to refresh vegetables such as celery and carrots by soaking them in ice water until they once again become unlimp.  Other foods, such as crackers that have lost their snap, may be heated in a moderate oven until their crispiness returns.  So, do you think if I’m feeling a little uncrisp, I could pop myself in the toaster oven to get my snap back? 


A traditional New Orleans yeast pastry that is deep-fried and served hot with a generous dusting of confectioners’ sugar.  Savory beignets, such as herb or crab, are also very popular.  The name comes from the French word for “Fritter.”   The French word sounds like something Gerard Depiardeu might say, whereas Fritter comes straight from porch sittin’ Uncle Jed .  Beignets anyone?

Beggar’s purse

An appetizer made popular by Barry and Susan Wine at their restaurant, the Quilted Giraffe.  A beggar’s purse consists of a mini crepe topped by a teaspoon of the finest caviar and then a dab of crème fraiche.  The edges are tied with a chive.  The ruffle at the top makes this edible package look like a miniature purse.  Beggar’s purses are served at room temp.  Nice work if you can get it!

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