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That blue eyed boy from Arkansas (and 4 Seasons Resort at Troon) is none other than Justin Baker. We adore our breakaway bartenders on into the Soup and this young man takes the cake! Not only is he hilarious and charming, he makes one mean Tequila Sundown Margarita!!

Oh, and every Sunday at 4:00 p.m., you can come visit Justin and the crew as they teach you how to shake, stir and sample..with a little help from him and his friends!

1.5oz Tanteo Jalapeño tequila
1oz lime juice
.5 Oz cointreau orange liqueur
8-10 leaves of cilantro, muddled
the rest marg mix

Recipe for marg mix
1oz Agave
1.5 Oz lime juice
Splash water

Then adjust bitter/sweetness if desired !

If you don’t wanna make the marg mic simply limemade is the best alternative