Artisan Food Guild

Did the show from Artisan Food Guild on 7th Street and Sheridan this week! Stop by to see them some time and check out all of their local products and art. Although Frank’s soup isn’t for sale yet, you may see it in the near future at a Market and Cafe he’s got in the works. This sounds tasty and so good for you. Emily loves kale, so there you go!

Chef Caputo’s Bean and Kale Soup

1 Oz Oil
3 # Ham and bone
12 Oz Pancetta/Bacon
1 # Dry Bean soak overnight and fully cooked separately
4 Clove Garlic chopped
3 Gal Stock
16 Oz Onion
16 Oz Celery
16 Oz Carrot
16 Oz Summer Squash
8 Oz Celery Root
Sachet (bay, peppercorn, thyme)
5 # Kale rough chopped
1 # Chopped fresh tomato
1/3 C Cider vinegar
Salt n Pepper

1. Heat oil in 3gallon stock pot
2. Render pancetta
3. Lightly sauté Garlic, onions and celery and Carrot, squash, and celeriac
4. Add all of the stock and ham bone
5. Add the cooked beans
6. Add sachet, simmer 1 hour
7. Remove hambone trim meat cut and add back to soup
8. Add the chopped Kale and tomato
9. Season with vinegar to taste
10. Adjust with Salt and Pepper if needed

Note; this soup can be made without the ham bone and pancetta, just omit from the recipe