I don’t generally reference my radio shows in my blog, but since I’m pretty much feeling like road kill (flu season is here), the thought of guest Chef Lisa Dahl’s Zuppa Minestra di Fagioli clears my head just enough to regale you with my weekly jaunt. In case anyone would like to make this gorgeous concoction for me, you can find the recipe right here: Click Here

OK, so what did I get into this week? Seriously, does anybody know?  Oh, yes – just need to check my email as the intern entourage makes running notes and forwards them to me the next day. Don’t scoff; you know you want one of these.

Wednesday: Found me at the Sub-Zero Wolfe Showroom in the Scottsdale Airpark for “Sip & Savor.”  Chuck Wiley, Eddie Matney and a beautifully made-over Beau MacMillan (his lovely executive Sous, Katherine) held center stage whipping up yummy little taste treats. I tried everything twice – all right – thrice, and shared a glass of vino with old friends and new. I laughed loudly, flirted profoundly and ducked out early. Felt the need for a little extra beauty sleep.

Thursday: Tonto Bar & Grill in Cave Creek. Sunset central!  My husband and I have been coming to “The Tonto” since 1996 and count it as one of our top destination places to take out of town guests. The history of this property (since 1871) deserves a full-blown documentary and we’re going see if we can’t make that happen. In the interim, let’s suffice it to say the glow of this place, the food, and the service have never let me down.

Co-owner, Erik Flatt, sat down with us and oddly enough, we started talking about fishing and ‘pardners’ and the one that got away on a lake in Northern Michigan.  He also brought us some snacks: A big ol’ plate of Tempura Ahi Tuna Roll with a wasabi, soy vinaigrette (my fave); juicy braised pork on fry bread that left me drooling, and mesquite wood-grilled white shrimp wrapped in Bacon with Chipotle BBQ. Did I mention the bread basket? You just know that’s homemade.

We got to chatting about the great tequila stash at Tonto, and Erik mentioned their signature drink “The TontoRita.”  I snickered, just a little. I mean, doesn’t that sound as if the Lone Ranger’s side-kick got lucky? Well, hook ME up with one of those, “pardner!”

The laughter got louder, the flirting kicked in, and again, I ducked out and was tucked in by 9:00 p.m. That Mac Truck came calling in the middle of the night and I’m in dire need of some soup. I’m guessing that there won’t be much effort required for my Halloween Costume this weekend.  “Trick or Treat?”