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Any of various plants, herbs and spices (such as bay leaf, ginger or parsley) that impart a lively fragrance and flavor. Not to be confused with a romantic – although lively and fragrant  work for me in both instances.

Aram Sandwich

A sandwich formed by spreading a softened Lahvash with cream cheese, then layering thin slices of sandwich fillings such as meat, cheese, lettuce pickle and so on.  The flat piece of bread is then rolled jelly-roll style, wrapped tightly with saran and refrigerated for several hours.  It is then sliced into 1 inch thick slices.  What do you want to bet this came before a McWrap? (Hint: finely chopped pickle, tomato, onion, etc. works best for rolling.)

Herbs de Provence

An assortment of dried herbs said  to reflect those most commonly used in Southern France.  The mixture most likely contains basil, fennel seed, lavender, marjoram, sage, summer savory and thyme. I like this concoction in sautéed and braised chicken dishes; and it can really flavor up a quick pan sauce, as well.


A dark, brownish gray, cultivated mushroom that resembles a lightly ruffled puff edged in white.  The name of this richly flavored mushroom is said to come from the fact that its shape vaguely resembles the body of a hen.  Sounds like a female counter part to good ole’ Robin!


a long, slow covered simmer used mainly with tougher cuts of meat in order to break down muscle and connective tissue in order to achieve that falling off the bone succulence. Braising is one pot cooking, but does require the time.

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