by Emily King

Once thought to be a fad among diet enthusiasts, whole-wheat bread has come into its own as a food super-star that is recommended by everyone from personal dietitians to Mayo Clinic researchers. And the best part is, unlike some of those “healthy diet staples” out there, whole wheat bread actually tastes good. So why do whole grains leave you feeling fuller, longer anyway? Well, the magic is in the lack of processing that the grains undergo.

The grains are the seeds of the plants and include the gram, germ, and endosperm. In the process of creating whole wheat flour, the gram, germ and endosperm are ground together whereas in the process of creating typical white bread flour, the endosperm is extracted from the rest of the seed and ground by itself.  While the flour produced exclusively from the endosperm is more refined and versatile in bread-making, discarding the gram and germ eliminates excess indigestible fiber from the equation. It is this indigestible fiber that is responsible for that feeling of contentment without contributing to body tissues in the form of fat or energy, and we all know that a sated stomach keeps post-meal cravings at bay.

In addition to boasting over three times the amount of fiber, the Mayo Clinic calculates that whole wheat bread “provides 3.6 grams of protein” versus the “1.9 grams” that are present “in a slice of commercially processed white bread.” This protein keeps the body energized and boosts metabolism.

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